Holiday Grief Support Post Card.jpg

‘Tis The Season to Grieve

Are you bracing for the holidays? Holidays that used to be filled with laughter and joy, but now leave you feeling deep sadness, loneliness and loss? Grief makes it next to impossible to function and that quadruples during the holidays! It is my hope that by offering an open door policy DURING the holidays, at an affordable flat rate you’ll feel like you can make it through winter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me to get yourself set up

  2. Come in during my “open door” time frame

  3. Leave feeling relief

  4. Rinse-Repeat (if you chose)

This is a brand new format designed to work with your grief rather than against it. I’m really excited to offer you the time and space you deem necessary to grief at your own pace.

Take care of yourself this season!