Delaney FAQ

Travel fanatic

Closet Introvert/selective avoidant


Animal lover

Self proclaimed, mid-level, amateur private

...a constant "work in progress"

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Coach

My Mission... to help you achieve your unique vision of a quality life. This means I'm fully invested in your needs and wishes in ALL areas of your life whether it's individual assistance, romantic relationships, familial relationships, or other platonic relationships. 

My Style... a unique blend of therapy and coaching. This means that the change you want to see is embedded in a sound therapeutic base and integrated with coaching techniques and concepts to help you achieve your goals. Whatever challenges you face, this particular form of practice is designed to suit your specific needs. My style is very fluid, transparent and infused with a little bit of appropriately placed humor. I want this process to be as comfortable for you as possible. 

On My Soap Box...

 As humans we're wired to connect. We are relational beings; we relate to ourselves, lovers, family members, coaches, co-workers, our pets, the media, society, ideas, nature and even our we interact with others greatly impacts our feelings and perceptions about ourselves and the world. We crave a sense of belonging, kindness, love and acceptance. In turn, it's imperative that we take the time to reflect on and nourish our relationships to continue to cultivate a secure sense of these warm fuzzy feelings. My choice in becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist (other than my passion for helping people, of course!) was based on the intrinsic value of it's relational concept. So, when we work together, you'll notice that I want the best for you, holistically. 


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